NFL Super Bowl Prediction 2015


NFL Super Bowl Prediction 2015

In less then 24 hours millions of NFL fans will be turning their heads to the closest screen nearby. Whether you’re a New England Patriots fan, a Seattle Seahawks fan, or not even a fan of either teams your attention will most likely be focused towards the NFL Super Bowl XLIX. This is the big dance, the showdown, the championship, and the one game that every NFL player dreams of winning, this is the 2015 Super Bowl XLIX – The New England Patriots vs. The Seattle Seahawks.

After a weeklong circus of media events, it is time for these two teams to take over the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The number of questions concerning this game are soon to be answered, and as NFL fans we are counting down the minutes till they are. Will Tom Brady and the New England Patriots capture their fourth Lombardi Trophy? Can the Seattle Seahawks produce an offence strong enough to defend their title? Will the entire media stir affect either team? Will Beast Mode, and the Gronk play to expectations? These are only a few of the hundreds of questions every sports better would love to know.

Now let’s jump into the Proline Predictions that our NFL analysts have come up with for NFL Super Bowl XLIX. First our team will explain the odds for both Proline and an Online Sportsbook, followed by the reasons for the pick.

NFL Super Bowl XLIX Betting Odds

When it comes to the Super Bowl there are many individuals who wager for the one time event to add a little excitement to the game. The Proline team is here to help make this an easy and rewarding experience for all betters. Posted below are the Super Bowl Odds given by Proline.

super bowl proline odds

Proline Predictions Super Bowl Pick:
A Tie at 2.80 (Within 4 points)

 When looking at the Super Bowl Odds for Proline it is important to remember how Proline Odds work. When choosing a team to win the 2015 Super Bowl with Proline a bettor must remember the team chosen must win by 4 points, if the game is within 4 points it will be considered a tie. The Super Bowl prediction chosen must also be parlayed with at least 2 other games to complete a Proline ticket. This is a big problem for many people who just want to bet on the Super Bowl.

We have a solution for Super Bowl Bettors who want to wager on a SINGLE game!


Located below are the current Superbowl Odds located at Bodog Sportsbook (our favourite Online Sportsbook)

bodog super bowl odds

Bodog Sportsbook Super Bowl Pick:
Seattle + 1.5 (-110)

 As first time bettors can see, there are many advantages to make your 2015 Super Bowl Bets through an Online Sports book. As an added bonus Bodog is currently throwing in up to $250 for free when bettors sign up to place there Super Bowl bets. Below is the explanation for the Proline Predictions Picks.


NFL Super Bowl Prediction 2015

This Sunday two of the best teams in the NFL are going toe to toe for the Vince Lombardi Trophy; New England Patriots vs. the Seattle Seahawks. For the majority of the week the betting line has been bouncing around by 1 point, but has been pretty consistent as a Pick’em. For Super Bowl XLIX there are a few key points that have helped the Proline team make their decision.

The New England Patriots led by Tom Brady are trying to win his fourth Super Bowl Championship after a dominating AFC performance. During their AFC Championship game the Patriots defence tore the Colts offence apart forcing Andrew Luck to turn over the ball on multiple occasions. As one of the top offensces this year in the NFL, Tom Brady took those turnovers and turned them into touchdowns winning the game 45-7.

The NFC Championship game was a bit of a different story with the defending champions pulling out a miracle against the Green Bay Packers. As the Seahawks played arguably their worst football ever in the first half the Packers were looking like they were headed to the Super Bowl. Then one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history took place as the Seahawks scored on a trick play, recovered an onside kick, scored another touchdown topping it off with a two point conversion eventually heading into overtime. As overtime took place the Seahawks drove the field eventually scoring a touchdown giving them the automatic win.

Bet on the Super Bowl and claim a bonus up to $250

As the Proline team analyzes Super Bowl XLIX it is without a doubt going to be a hard fought match between these two teams. At the end of the day though the Proline Predictions team is leaning towards the Seattle Seahawks and here’s why:
The Seattle Seahawks are here to defend their title plain and simple. The Seahawks are basically the same Super Bowl team as last season with a pile of experience; they know how to get it done and what it takes to get it done.

Beast Mode; ignore all of the media speculations about Deflategate, and Marshawn Lynch not speaking to the media it is just a distraction that directs our attention away from the game itself. Marshawn Lynch is arguably the best running back in the league, the guy just does not go down. The New England Patriot’s run defense was ranked 17th in the NFL this year, to solve the run game Belichick will have to stack the box to slow down Beast Mode, however we feel that nothing is going to get in the way of Marshawn Lynch as he runs all over the Patriots.

Defence wins Championships! Yes, the New England Patriots love to air out the ball to their recievers, and with the conditions of Arizona Brady will be able to do just that. The problem, Seattle finished top three in both the run and pass defence, creating a pile of turnovers on teams this season. Sherman will without a doubt play, and play to perfection shutting down one side of the field as Earl Thomas looks to take the game over. One of the key match ups will be Gronkowski and Chancellor, however Chancellor has been in this position before having no problem shutting down Julius Thomas last year and we are looking for him to have a repeat performance.

Super Bowl 2015 is going to be a tight game, as we give Seattle the edge. When betting on Proline the team is taking the tie due to the game having to be within 4 points. When betting online at Bodog, the Proline team will gladly take the defending champions +1.5 points to win Super Bowl XLIX. Hope all of our readers have a great Sunday, and if you have not signed up yet get the Super Bowl bonus now at Bodog Sportsbook!



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