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The College Basketball season is in full go and we are your number one resource for College Basketball Predictions. If you enjoy betting on basketball games, or just like reading and following predictions from the web you have come to the right spot. Throughout the season we will offer a few predictions to our viewers rewarding them for their loyalty.

College Basketball is arguably the most exciting basketball league in the United States. College Basketball commands millions of very passionate and energetic fans, and supporters from all over the nation. Expect the March Madness tournament to provide enormous cheers to the fans as well as bettors, since many betting opportunities will be in full swing.

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The College Basketball season is basically comprised of three different mini-seasons and these are the non-conference, conference and the much anticipated tournament season. The aim of each team is to capture one of the 68 slots in the NCAA Tournament and win the National Title. To win an outright berth in the NCAA tournament a team should win its conference or come up with an impressive win-loss record.

Since making it to the Tournament is a difficult task, every team competes as if it is there last game. This makes College Basketball very exciting and interesting for bettors to place their wagers on a wide-range of betting opportunities. At Proline Predictions we are here to guide you towards profitable seasons but first we must look at the College Basketball betting options available.

Betting on College Basketball

College Basketball Money Line Betting
College Basketball Money Line betting is one of the most popular betting methods when it comes to placing wagers on college basketball games. It is so simple and all you need to do is pick the winning team in a game.

College Basketball Total (Over/Under) Betting

College Basketball total or over/under betting is not as popular as the total betting on other sports, such as college football. The over/under line is often closed since there are just a handful of lines the bookmakers may set since there are a lot of Div 1 schools that play everyday. It is difficult to handicap on every collegiate game unlike in the NBA where all of the games played here have over/under lines. In over/under betting a bettor is given the job of choosing whether or not the total scores of both teams will be higher or lower than what the sportsbook set.

College Basketball Spread Betting

College Basketball Spread Betting is perhaps the most common bet wagered on a basketball game. The Spread betting option is the same one that is used in the NBA. This method offers the underdog team additional points before the game starts to give each team equal chances of winning.

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College Basketball Prop Betting
There are few options for bettors to place their wagers on College Basketball Prop Betting. This is due to most of the amateur players having inconsistent games. Moreover, it is also very difficult to handicap numerous games on a daily basis. Still, here are some examples of College Basketball Prop Betting: first half spread, over/under or correct lead of the winning team; alternative spread or over/under; winner of a particular quarter from 1st to 3rd quarter; first team to score; first team to reach a certain score; team total or over/under; and odd/even team home/away or the total scores of both teams.

College Basketball Future Betting
College Basketball Betting is perhaps the least popular way of placing a bet in amateur basketball. Future bets are any bet made that will take some time to resolve. Here are examples of College Basketball future bets: which team will win the championship, conference and division championships. The College Basketball future betting method is expected to grow further in the coming years since the popularity of this sporting event is growing at a very fast rate.

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March Madness

Thousands of people are glued to their televisions during the spring each year watching the March Madness Tournament unfold. Here at proline predictions, we want to make the month of April a beneficial one. Fans get excited, we cover Selection Sunday as well as the entire tournament!

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