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College Football Predictions

Placing wagers on National Collegiate Athletic Association Football is common and very popular in North America. College Football betting is very similar to online casino classic slots download, from rules and regulations to how the game is being played. The only difference between the two is that amateur players play College Football, while professional players of course play NFL. Since the level of competition is different between the two sporting events, the playing styles may vary from one another, as this will give rise to different results and outcomes of different events.

College Football is enjoyed thoroughly in the United States as it provides unending excitement and continuous action in most of the games that are being held. The tight format the league employs during a College Football season forces teams to give their best in every game they play in. There are 125 teams (3 transitional) competing in the NCAA Football season and each team aims to win the National Championship.

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College Football doesn’t really have a true playoff format but in order to make it into the playoffs outright a team must have the best win-loss record. Every game in NCAA Football feels like a playoff game with every team-digging deep for their chance to play for the National Championship.

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The Proline Prediction team studies College Football immensely as it’s one of the most exciting sports to bet on. NCAA Football is filled with dramatic moments, stunning upset victories, unsung heroes and amazing feats. Some of the favourite bowls to watch are the BCS Championship Bowl, GMAC Bowl, Orange Bowl, and the Fiesta Bowl.  Our team wants to help put some money in your bank with College Football!

Betting on Proline College Football

The College season kicks off on the last week of August and the team wants to be your number one resource for Proline Picks. On a weekly basis we will be offering FREE College Football Picks to our readers via the blog. First bettors must know their options and all of the different methods they can take advantage of during the season. Listed below are the multiple different betting methods for College Football:

College Football Money Line Betting
Money Line Betting is perhaps the simplest type of making bets in all sporting leagues and one of the most commonly used betting methods by the players. Your task is to pick the winning team to win the wager, otherwise, if the team you pick loses, you also lose your bet.

College Football Total (Over/Under) Betting
The NCAA Football total or the Over/Under betting is similar to the other methods utilized in other leagues. This way of placing a bet doesn’t care about what team wins the game as it is concerned only with the combined scores of both teams. The total score is set by the odds makers and the players will choose whether the combined scores of both teams will either be over or under the number set.

College Football Spread Betting
The College Football spread betting is the most popular way of placing a bet in college football every Saturday throughout the season. The point spread is devised by the sportsbook to give both the underdog and favorite team an even chance of winning. The underdog is given additional points or the favorite a point deduction before the game starts. To win the wager, a bet placed on any team should cover the point spread.

College Football Prop Betting
College Football Prop betting offers an assortment of betting options for the players and common in primetime and major games. This way of placing a bet in the college football is not as popular as in the other sporting leagues. Prop betting is not affected with the final outcome of the game, since the wagers are commonly placed on events.

Examples of College Football bets include: team leading in a particular quarter (from 1st to 3rd quarter), which player/team will score first, what type of score will show first, the total (over/under) score of teams after a particular quarter (1st to 3rd quarter), will there be a safety in the game, will the game head to overtime and the likes.

College Football Future Betting
College Football future betting will take some time to see if your bet wins the wager or not. Like the College Football Prop betting a Future bet can be placed on either a team or a player. The following are some examples of College Football team future bets: team earning a spot in the playoffs, team winning the national crown, the final over/under score of a team or a player, a player bagging an award and among others.

Best Sports Betting Method

Well that’s a very good question! Many people like to use their local betting services, for example Ontarians use Proline. This is a method of sports betting which will earn you money, but it’s inconvenient and does not offer the best odds available. Online sportsbooks offer the best odds seen for sporting events. They also offer odds for every sport, and event possible in the world. These sportsbooks are even easier to claim your money than other betting options. Simply choose to cash out and the sports book will send a cheque straight to your house.

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