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If you are looking for MLB Predictions you have come to the number one source on the web today! On a regular basis our MLB Predictions page will provide our readers with expert tips on which games are the most profitable for the month and why. We also will be showing our sports bettors a secret to getting better odds, and more money for your bets. Whether you are looking at predictions for your own knowledge, or using them to help place sports bets, we are your number one stop.

At Proline Predictions we want to provide our readers with the most information possible. This will start from the very beginning of the MLB season right down to the World Series. Our site will be providing betting odds, team analysis, future bets, and our occasional FREE MLB Predictions. Our writers have been analyzing and sports betting for years now and have produced a winning record.

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Betting on Proline MLB

MLB Money Line Betting
The most popular way of placing a bet on the MLB is the Money Line Betting. It is so simple, as the player is given an easy task of picking the winning team in a game.

San Francisco Giants      -126
Cincinnati Reds               +116

In the example provided above the San Francisco Giants are the favourite against the Cincinnati Reds on the road. It is easy to make a pick between these two teams, but it can be a difficult task to pick winners on a constant basis and earn sizeable profits in the long run.  A bettor should risk $126 on the Giants to win the $100 wager. On the other end, a player should risk $100 dollars on the Reds to win the $116 wager. Remember that the winning bet on the favourite team has lesser profit while the winning bet on the underdog team has a greater amount of payout.

MLB Total (Over/Under) Betting

The total betting or over/under betting is the second most popular way of placing bets on various events in MLB. This type of betting ignores which team wins after a game since it just focuses with the total runs registered by both teams. The players will pick whether the total runs will be over or under a certain value set by a sportsbook. If the combined scores are equal, the term “push” will be initiated and this means that neither you nor the bookmaker wins and the amount of wagers will be refunded to you.

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MLB Run Line Betting
One way of placing a bet on MLB is the MLB Run Line, which is the same as NHL’s Puck Line bet. The run line is like a ‘spread’ placed on the game. The favoured team in the game will receive a deduction of -1.5 spread at the start of the game, which implies that they should win the game by 2 runs or more to win the wager or the underdog team which has a spread of +1.5, is given an additional 1.5 points at the start of the game and can afford to lose by one run and still win the bet, or win the wager automatically with a victory.

MLB Prop Betting

MLB Prop Betting is gradually becoming a popular betting method in sports as it offers players a lot of enjoying ways of placing bets. Different from most types of betting, it disregards the final outcome of the game. It has diverse wager opportunities on events mainly during the game. Here are some examples of MLB Prop Betting: five innings on spread, money line or total (over/under), first team to score a run, last team to score a run, alternate run line, total runs after particular inning, the winning team’s final lead on the game, odd/even team total, home total, road total or game total, a player making a hit, a pitcher will strikeout a particular number of batters in a game and among others.

Different events that are offered to the bettors may vary from one sportsbook to the other. Prop betting is indeed an exciting way if placing a bet, but keep in mind that the odds provided in this type of betting method often favours the sportsbook.

MLB Future Betting

MLB future betting on a player or a team may take some period of time to know whether you win the wager or not. The following are examples of MLB future bets: team winning the World Series, American League Pennant, National League Pennant or their Division; a team capturing playoffs slot; a certain player winning an award (American League MVP, National League MVP Award, American League Cy Young Award or National League Cy Young Award); a player winning the Triple Crown in a season; a pitcher getting a no-hitter during the season and among others.

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Best MLB Sports Betting Method

Online Sportsbooks are the number one method for sports betting. It provides a user friendly interface, the best odds, and is at your own convenience. In our free MLB predictions we have shown how betting online can be more profitable than any other method out there. When winning your nightly sports bets you simply have the money deposited into your player’s account, instead of having to go to the store to collect.

When you no longer want the money to be in your players account a simple withdrawal can be made and a check will be delivered right to your front door, or money can be deposited into any of the e-wallets available. There are hundreds of sportbooks out there for people to use but we would like to recommend our favourite at Bodog.