NFL Point Spread Picks for Divisional Round 2014


Proline has set the opening point spreads for this weekends 2014 NFL Divisional Round Weekend.

On Saturday we have New England -7 at home vs Baltimore, and Seattle -10.5 at home vs Carolina.  Both of these spreads are pretty close to what they are currently listed at off shore as well, although Baltimore is +7 -115 off shore and could get to +6.5 – that will be something to watch.

On Sunday the Packers are -6 at home vs Dallas and the Broncos are -7 at home vs Indianapolis.  Again this is right in line with the off shore spreads, making there little value vs the true lines from the sharp sportsbooks.  If you’re new to betting the point spread through Pro Line, what I mean by this is that sometimes the true sharp lines will be set at -7 for example and Pro Line would have the line at -8.5, giving us value against the true line taking the underdog +8.5 when they would really be +7 at an off shore or Vegas sportsbook.

With that said I will still give my point spread picks for this weekend for each Divisional Round game.

I have to admit I am a contrarian bettor, meaning I like taking underdogs plus the points.  I also really like taking the points against teams that are going to be heavily bet on by the public, which often includes the #1 and #2 seeds in the divisional round.  Since 2003 betting against the #1 seed in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs has been extremely profitable, and I’m not going against that trend.  I will be on both Baltimore and Carolina plus the points.

Sunday’s match ups are tough, as both favored teams have extremely potent offenses.  With that said, their opponents in Dallas and Indy also have great offenses.  With high totals I would think that the favorites do have a chance at covering their respective spreads in shootout type games that we can expect, but I am more inclined to take the 6 and 7 points in games that I could really see going either way.  I like Saturday’s underdogs more than Sunday’s, but this week I am betting on all four dogs to cover the spread.

Of course you can do this with a Proline Point Spread ticket, but I will be betting these at an online sportsbook in single game tickets, which means I need to go 3-1 for a profitable weekend.

Good luck this weekend and enjoy the football.


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