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The NFL is the most popular professional sport in North America having 32 teams playing 16 games each. The aim of each team is to pile up as many wins as they can to clinch a place in the Super Bowl. With few games to be played in a NFL season, every game is very crucial for both the teams and bettors.

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Betting on NFL Proline

The NFL season kicks off in September and we want to be your number one resource for NFL Predictions. On a weekly basis we will be offering FREE NFL Predictions to our readers via email. The majority of websites like ours charge huge amounts of money for these predictions, we want to give them to you for free. The first step however is to learn how to place a bet on the NFL. Below are the five different methods of betting on NFL football:

NFL Money Line Betting
The simplest way of placing a bet on the NFL involves the Money Line. Here, you will win the wager if you have picked the winning team; otherwise, you lose the wager, if the team you have placed a bet on loses. Remember that if you have opted for a favored team (which has greater chances of winning) and wins, you stand to lesser profit. On the other end, if you have picked an underdog (which has a tough chance of winning) and wins, you will have greater profit.

NFL Total or Over/Under Betting
The NFL Total or Over/Under betting ranks third when it comes to popularity and is completely different from Spread and Money Line Betting. In NFL Total betting, you are given the task to pick whether or not the total score of both teams is more or less than the points set up by the Sports Book. Your bet will either win or lose depending on the final result of the game.

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NFL Spread Betting

The most popular type of betting in a NFL game is definitely the NFL Spread Betting. Spread Betting appeared to be the most favored method of betting because it theoretically gives both teams the same chances of winning while the Sportsbook collects a small portion of the total waged bets. You will win the wager if the winning pick covered the Point Spread.

NFL Prop Betting
NFL Prop Betting is common on prime time or high profile games, giving a wide-range of choices for NFL Bettors. Prop Bets are independent of the outcome of the game, since they are commonly placed on teams or individual players. Examples of NFL Prop Bets are the following: the team that will lead after a particular quarter, which player/team will score first, what type of score will happen first, the total (over/under) score of teams after a particular quarter, etc.

NFL Future Betting
Similar to NFL Prop Betting, a Future Bet can be placed on either a team or a player. Examples of NFL Team Future Bets include a team making the playoffs, winning the Super Bowl, NFC Championship, AFC Championship or division title. Some examples of NFL Player Future Bets include a player winning awards (MVP, Defensive MVP, Offensive Rookie or Defensive Rookie) or ending up as a league-leader in different statistical departments like passing, rushing, receiving Yards and among others.

There are plenty of opportunities in NFL Future Betting but keep in mind that the outcomes will take some time to appear and it is not a wise idea to tie up the bulk of your bankroll with this kind of Betting Method.

Best NFL Sports Betting Method

Well that’s a very good question! Many people like to use their local betting services, for example Ontarians use Proline. This is a method of Sports Betting that will earn you money, but is very inconvenient and does not offer the best odds available. Online Sportsbooks offer the best odds seen for sporting events, and also provide odds for every sport, and event possible in the world. These Sportsbooks are easier to claim your money than other betting options. Simply choose to cash out and the Sportsbook will send a cheque straight to your house.

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