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If you’re a Sports fan that resides in Ontario, Canada you’re most likely familiar with OLG Sports Betting. If you’ve never heard of it before OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming) is the province’s legal betting provider. OLG is a government ran gambling service offering a wide variety of betting options. Before getting into the betting options, it’s important to note that the minimum age for betting in Ontario is 18.
The OLG allows bettors to wager on all North American professional sports excluding the NBA. The OLG not only offers sports betting but also caters to casino games like blackjack and slots. A bet can be placed with proper ID at any Ontario Lottery and Gaming kiosk in Ontario, or OLG Casino; these kiosks are usually located in a convenience/variety store. This method of sports betting is very popular among the province but has many downsides from being government operated that we’ll talk about later.

The OLG does have an online website Canadians can use to make their tickets, however, you must still go into a kiosk to officially place your wager. The site is well organized and explains all of the options available, including introductory videos. The OLG offers odds for most professional sports including football, baseball, hockey, college football, soccer, and college basketball. The NBA however, is very strict when it comes to gambling and made an agreement with the OLG and the Raptors to not offer betting when joining the NBA league.

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Bettors have a few wagering options when visiting the OLG including Pro Picks, Points Spread, Proline, Pro Pools and Pro Picks. All of these methods are extremely fun to play, but all carry their own rules. People that are unfamiliar to any of these options can click on a name above to learn how to play. Every morning the website will place its odds for the games that day and whatever lines the province decides to set are the permanent lines for those games. Located below are short descriptions of the two most popular methods used for OLG Sports Betting

OLG Point Spread Betting

Point Spread betting is extremely popular when wagering on any type of football; NFL or college football. The NFL is the sport that draws the most interested from bettors across the world. Although point spread betting is also used in basketball, the format is adjusted to a standard point system with OLG. The OLG points spread betting allows teams to either win by 4 or 8, and if the game is within 3 points its considered a tie. This method of betting is extremely popular and makes the game much more exciting, but restricts the actual form of spread betting. Click here to learn more about OLG Point Spread Betting.

OLG Proline Pools

The next most popular betting method is OLG Proline Pools, which can be played on all of the sports but again is most popular with the football leagues. Proline Pools are very hard to win, but the players get a chance to win a huge payout. Proline Pools is easiest played with the NFL week system. When looking at a Week in the NFL a bettor will have to choose a winner for every game that week. The person in Ontario who has the most answers correct will win the large payout. There are strategies in playing pools, which you can learn more about by visiting our page on OLG Proline Pools
OLG Proline Pools
OLG Betting Review
The OLG has created many gambling options for the residents of Ontario, but people must remember it is a government ran operation. The government must make money off of gambling and to do so rules are added to the OLG system that gives bettor a disadvantage. For example when playing Proline a person must play at least 3 games to make a valid parlay, if you had an account at an online sportsbook a bettor can make a single, or 2 game parlay if he/she wants. Follow the proline to learn more about the disadvantages of the OLG sports betting system and how you’re missing out on some big payouts!