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Did you know that you can place Sport Bets Online? Online Sportsbooks have been increasing in popularity, as more and more people start to turn to the internet to do their Sports Betting. Betting at an Online Sportsbook is the exact same as betting at a casino, or Las Vegas Sportsbook. It is quick, easy, and can even be done at the comfort of your own home!

At Proline Predictions the favourite Online Sportsbook is easily Bodog – where you can get up to $250 FREE on your first deposit!
The majority of Online Sportsbooks provide bettors the option to wager on basically any bet with involves professional sports, in fact, many times throughout the year they will have Special Event bets like the Oscars, and the Bachelorette.
The professional sport leagues range from NHL hockey to College Basketball, from the Olympics to the PGA Tour, basically any sporting event out there. Online Sportsbooks also offer the BEST Sport Betting Odds available for your money. Proline Predictions is here to provide you with the best information at all times and thats why we are going to jump right into our favourite Sportsbooks that best fill your needs.

Top Rated Sportsbooks

With hundreds of Sportsbooks out there, Proline Predictions will guide you in the right direction in choosing the best one for you. To start Online Sports Betting players must create an online account. Where are the BEST spot to create an account you may ask?
Well there is a couple of ways to answer this question. Even though there are hundreds of sportsbooks out there they are all different. Each Online Sportsbook offers there members different bonuses, an easier way to deposit money, and more user friendly options.
Located below the Proline team has provided a Sportsbook Review and Bonus Link for the Top 3 Sportsbooks for Canadians to help benefit the Proline Community. Hurry up and choose your option so you can start betting with our Proline Picks tonight!

Online Sportsbook Reviews

BODOG LOGOBodog is one of highest rated sportsbooks available on the web. They offer a tremendous amount of odds on various Sporting events. When signing up your account is also eligible to bet on poker, casino and the horse races. Currently is offering up to $250 free on your first deposit. They also offer a mobile network which allows bettors to place wagers straight from their phones.


BET ONLINE LOGOBetOnline is one of the elite Online Sportsbooks in the Online Betting industry. BetOnline is currently offering a 25% bonus on EVERY deposit made on a players account.  Currently BetOnline is offering up to $500 free on your first deposit, this goes along way with the reduced juice that they offer. BetOnline has some unique betting features within it like their 21 point teasers option.


SPORT INTERACTION LOGOSports Interaction is one of the fastest growing Sportsbooks available on the web for over ten years now. They offer a ridiculous amount of betting options in the range of the 1000’s during football seasons.  Currently Sports Interaction is offering up to $150 free for first time depositors.  Sports Interaction’s main focus is just a good, fun betting experience with quality customer service.


As Online Sportsbooks continue to grow with technology many of them have been able to adjust to the present times. Most of the elite Sportsbooks are easily accessible on mobile devices, tablets, and IPads. In fact many of the top Online Sportsbooks will have their own app on these smart devices to make life that much easier for your Sports Bets. In an era of technology Sports Betting has become that much easier all it takes is some internet access and the Proline Predictions team can teach the rest!