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Proline Odds

Beginners entering the sports betting industry may take there first glance at the Proline Odds list and not have the slightest clue what all of the numbers mean.  To most beginners, this sheet is harder to read than a foreign language and will sometimes turn a person away.  All of the numbers attached to a Proline sheet are very important to understand, and to understand well, these numbers determine how much an individual will win from wagering on that team.

The numbers seen in front of you are not as random as you think, and are carefully selected by professional odds makers.  Located below is an example of a four game MLB Parlay with a wager of $50, paying out $462 if all four games win.

How to Read Proline Odds

Proline Odds
First off, it is important to understand the basics of Proline, if you have not read the How to Play Proline page yet head over there before trying to understand Proline Odds. When looking at the events on the ticket above remember that proline parlay must be played with at least 3 to a maximum of 6 games. On the ticket that the games are selected on you will notice a V+, V, T, H, and H+ Proline Odds and well as O and U odds.  In the legend below each letter is attached to it’s Proline meaning.

V+  = Visitor team will win by a large margin.
V     = Visitor team will win.
T     = Game results in a tie.
H    = Home team will win.
H+ = Home team will win by a large margin.
O    = Over the total score/points predicted.
U    = Under the total score/points predicted.

Bettors must be careful when selecting there winner with each sport having a different meaning.  For example, selecting a V (visitor team to win) in the NHL means the visiting team must simply win, however selecting a V in football means the visiting team must win by 4 points or more.  It is crucial to learn and understand the definitions of Proline betting for each individual sport, or your Proline ticket could be garbage without even knowing it.  Now let’s finally move on to explaining the Proline Odds in the picture above.

Let’s start off by narrowing it down to the first Proline selection made on the ticket.  As you can see the Minnesota Twins have been chosen to win by 1 point against the Baltimore Orioles.

Proline odds example
The third line, “50 BBL MIN @ BAL” explains the format of the game; the Minnesota Twins are the visitors (V), the Baltimore Ravens are the home team (H), 50 BBL means the Game # is 50 and the sport is Baseball.  Now since we can see that the Minnesota Twins were chosen to win by 1, we know that the bettor filled out the (V) box, with attached odds of 2.30.  When dealing with Proline a bettor will be dealing with, “Decimal Odds.”  Decimal odds are one of the easiest formats to use when determining the potential payout to a wager.

Now lets use the same game as an example, remember Minnesota has the odds of 2.30.  In understanding decimal odds the bettor must multiply the odds vs. the wager.  In this case, if a player was to wager $10 on Minnesota at 2.30 the payout would be $23 (2.30 x $10), making a solid profit of $13 (payout $23 – wager $10).  Pretty simple if you ask me!

** Note: When placing bets on Proline, bettors must place a wager on a parlay of at least three games.  Individual sport bets can only be made with Online Sportsbooks (to learn more follow the link) – if you are looking to place a single sport bet, or looking for bettor odds check out our favourite; Bodog.

Since a Proline ticket must consist of at least 3 games, we will stick with the 4 game ticket above to show bettors how the whole ticket is generated.  From this ticket lets show the calculations for the winning games:

Minnesota at 2.30
Tampa Bay at 1.40
Kansas City at 1.40
Miami at 2.05
Wager of $50

To calculate the payout of this ticket using the Proline Odds given simply multiply all of the games together with the wager placed; (2.30 x 1.40 x 1.40 x 2.05 x $50) = $462.

As you can see Proline Odds are very simple to read and calculate, however coming from an experienced handicapping team it is strongly recommended to place bets online and to steer away from the Government ran programs like Proline.

One reason this suggestion is made is due to the concern we have for the Proline Community.  Since Proline is a government ran betting system the Proline Odds are skewed so that the government can profit from it.  If that is not enough the guidelines and restrictions make it that much harder for bettors to win their tickets.  To learn more about the advantages of Online Sportsbooks vs. Proline follow the link – bettor’s are making hundreds of more dollars by changing one thing in their sports betting regimen; location.