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Proline Point Spread

Proline Point Spread is another method of sports betting that the Ontario Government provides. Point Spread is played by the better choosing the outcomes from 2-12 events and wagering an amount of $2-100. At the start of each week there is an event list to choose from for that given week. For each event or game there is a home team and a visiting team. The favoured team will have a spread associated with it, and the underdog team will not have one.
The object of Point Spread is to either choose whether the favoured team will cover the spread or will the underdog beat the spread. A push occurs when the point differential at the end of the game equals the spread number. When this happens the prize payout is reduced to the next lowest payout factor. To win at point spread all of the events you have chosen must be correct. Remember point Spread can only be played on college football, college basketball, and the NFL.

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Point spread is one of the more confusing methods of sports betting but it is very rewarding. Here at proline predictions we will provide you with an example to better your understandings. Our example will consist of the Buffalo Bills being the visiting team and the Green Bay Packers being the home team. The Green Bay Packers are favoured in this game by 9.5 points. Now we believe the Packers will cover the spread so we would choose the home team. To cover the spread the Green Bay Packers must win by 9.5 points or more. If we would have chosen Indy, they would have had to beat the spread and be within 9.5 points or win the game.
proline pointspread
When you receive your Point Spread ticket the amount that the bettor is able to win will be calculated at the bottom. If you are curious how this amount is calculated let us tell you. Beside every team in Point Spread there is an odd placed with the result you have chosen. Proline takes all of the odds you have selected and multiplies them together. Then they take this number and multiply it with the amount wagered on the ticket. This is how Proline decides the total payout given to the customer if all the events they have chosen are correct.
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