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Proline Pro picks

Proline is an Ontario Government (OLG) ran sports betting service that is growing everyday! Although choosing 3-6 games in Proline is very exciting and rewarding, there are other methods within Proline for betting on sports. Pro picks is one game with three different wagering methods; Picks, Props, and the Pools. Here at Proline Predictions we will explain how each of these wagering options work and provide a secret on how to make a greater profit.
proline propicks
In Pro Picks the object is to pick players or teams to finish Top 1, Top 2, or Top 3 in any order. At your local lottery retailer the OLG publishes an Event list each week. On this event list are PRO PICK cards, each card is numbered, that are available for wagering on. Each card has a list of up to 16 players or teams from a specific sport.
The players or teams are ranked from highest being 1 to the lowest being 16. On the card there are two dates that are stated. First, the close date is the date and time when bets will be closed for that card. Then the play period is the date the games will be held. To win bettors must correctly predict the Top 1 or, Top 2 or, Top 3 players or teams in the card, but you can only choose one play type. Wagers can range anywhere from 2- $100.

Proline Props

Proline Props is another very exciting game that can be played. It is said to be the “game within the game.” In Props, people place bets on situations within the game. For example a person would be on sacks, fumbles, field goals, completions etc. within a football game. Each week a new card is available from the OLG with a list of 16 events from a football game.
On the card bettors will see an over/under number that is set for each event, with each outcome being assigned an odd. Bettors choose whether teams or players will go Over or Under the set numbers. In this game you must choose 3-6 events and get all of the outcomes correct to win.

Proline Pools

Proline Pools is the last game offered within Proline. For a $5 wager, bettors can earn a huge payday at the end of the week. Proline Pools work the same as your local pools that people put together. Again, each card has up to 16 players or teams from a specific sport to choose from. People must choose whether they think the home or visiting player/team will win.

In the event of a tie the visiting team is awarded the win. The players with the most correct will share or win the prize pool. Players can also choose to box up to 4 of the events. Boxing means you can choose both the home and visitor for that event. However, boxing events costs more than the $5.
All of these methods are fun and can be very rewarding, but we have a secret for you. If you want to make more for your dollar, Online Sportsbooks are the way to go. Since Proline is ran through the Ontario government, the best possible odds are not provided. Sports betting has never felt so good at the comfort of your own home, knowing you are getting the best possible betting odds for that event.
All of these options are available online, plus many more. Online sportsbooks also offer betting odds for every sport possible, where Proline is narrowed to a few sports. We will provide you with the best online sportsbooks available on the web today. Hurry now and let the betting begin at Bodog.