Proline Winners

With thousands of people betting on sports everyday there must be some Proline Winners out there. At Proline Predictions site we will provide some motivation to sports betting. Constantly week after week thousands of people are winning huge amounts of money through Proline.
From the week of January 18 – 24th 2015 there were 12,574 winners. These 12,574 winners shared a prize pool of $1,154,842.50 of money they never had. These people all won from various methods that Proline offers. Many people chose the Proline Pro Picks option which consists of Picks, Props, and the Pools. How amazing would it feel to jump into the action and start earning that extra little bit of profit?
If you have played a Proline ticket and may think it could be a winner there are a couple ways to verify.  For a quick check Proline Players can search the Proline OLG site or any sports score related site to see what the results of the game were.  If the bettor is still confused if they have won their ticket, sign the back right away, and take it to the nearest Proline OLG store.  At the store they will scan the barcode at the bottom of the Proline ticket to see if you are a winner.

Become a Proline Winner!
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Here is a list of the last 5 Proline Winners and how they won:
Jeffrey Broughton from London, Ontario won $11,978 from Pro Picks
Christopher Miller from Toronto, Ontario won $39,435 from Pro Picks
Gary Hill from Guelph, Ontario won $11,978 from Pro Picks
Claudio Stirpe from Brampton, Ontario won $11,916 from Pro Picks
Brandon Valente from Acton, Ontario won $72,171 from Pro Picks
From just these 5 people $147,478 was won last week!
If you have ever wondered how these people receive their money let us tell you how. If your prize ticket from Proline has a value up to $300 it can be redeemed for cash at any OLG lottery retailer, or Casino. If your winnings are from $301- $1000 it can be received by any OLG Slots and Casinos and select retail centers either in person or by mail. If your winnings are between 1,000-$250,000 they can only be claimed from an OLG casino, or the Toronto Prize Claim Centre. Finally if your winnings are over $250,000 they can only be claimed from the Toronto Prize Centre. It is pretty sweet to be able to make money from sports betting, but a hassle to claim a winning ticket. Let Proline Predictions show you how to make even more money with the bonus of having a cheque mailed to your front door!

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